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Guidelines to which all Members must adhere

The minimum age limit for meeting attendance is 18 years.

Social Conduct
Thankfully we're all different and we're all passionate about our interest, so we won't always agree. In our meetings, you must respect others' opinions and differences. This group has been set up to have fun so any person displaying violent, abusive or harassing behaviour towards another member will be asked to leave.

Reading Matter
Reading material will be chosen by individual group members on a rotational basis. The chosen book should have some sort of association with LGBT issues.

You don't have to come to every meeting. If you want to come to a meeting but haven't read then book, that's fine too!

Members will be required to give a score out of ten each month for the book that has been read. No attendance is necessary to submit a score. Late submissions are valid if made within one week of the meeting. Scores may not be revised after being submitted. From all scores an average will be taken and this will be published on ngbg.webs.com.

Have some!